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Clockwork Tattoo News

Don't be silly!   4.28.14

     Summer is almost here, and we know how easy it is to forget about taking care of your tattoo. Of course when you get a new tattoo the first thing you want to do is show it off. Now with summer around the corner, and your tattoo being fresh, means it is time to take extra precautions. Unhealed tattoos should never be in direct sunlight period. Freshly healed tattoos should avoid the sun as well, at least for a few months. Now just because a tattoo has fully healed does not mean it does not  need protection. Complete shelter from the sun is always the best, but we know if i'm at the beach I am not gonna be wearing a long sleeve shirt. SO... SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN. I can't sress this enough. Tattoos are expensive so we mind as well take care of them. Some customers prefer to use the white zink oxide cream like lifeguards sometime have on there nose. Others use baby sunscreen since babies have very sensitive skin, more than adults. Baby sunscreen may be better protection. This goes for tanning beds as well. So don't be silly, protect your tattoo and enjoy showing it off.